Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Life:1 Gaming: 0

Gaming and Life, facing off here in the first game of the season... life snaps the ball, Gaming's defense looks strong but whats this? a Hail Mary pass! so early in the ballgame too... and its caught! he's going for it! He's at the 40, the 30, the 20, the 10 TOUCHDOWN LIFE!!! Well Bill we weren't expecting life to score this early in the game, it is definitely upsetting to the fans as this was NOT an expect outcome so early in the season.

Sigh thats right friends, in the epic battle of life getting in the way of gaming, blogging, video production and other fun funneries, Life has put a big "1" up on the scoreboard.  Over the last few weeks my wife and I have been engaged in the process of selling one car and buying a different car which is never anything but a headache lol I've been working late a lot and on weekends along with us babysitting, going to family events and so on and so forth.  As a result almost all my blogging time has been eaten up, including having not spent much time on Mega Man 2... So please don't I'm like half way through the X series and just neglecting to blog :)

Another hurtle is finding decent video editing software.  I had a choice between Windows Movie Maker and AVS4YOU video editor which is basically like the part in Vegas Vacation when Clark goes up to the buffet and is confronted with two trays of gelatinous goo, one yellow and one blue and he says "Thats not Chicken" and the dude goes "you're right, this isn't chicken, THIS is chicken *switches signs between the blue and yellow* Want Some?" And then Eddie has "some of the yella" well anyway with these two editors I felt like Clark having to choose between blue slop and yellow slop lol either way it leaves you unsettled and not happy.  I'm rather the perfectionist in my video making.  I am picking it back up after about a 8 year hiatus of making anything what-so-ever.  As you can see my videos grew in quality at and exponential rate lol and I plan on them getting better and better.  I AM happy to announce that I have acquired the program that is the Rib-Eye Steak dinner to the gelatinous blue goo of Windows Movie Maker.  I have to give props to our reader Spittoon as he was instrumental in hooking me up with this software.  I have already used it to redo the intro at a higher quality and plan to start working on the next video tomorrow :)

I need to come clean with you guys about one last thing.  This is both a victory for gaming and a secret gaming guilty pleasure of mine that I have had for years but told few about.  If you think i've been celibate from video games altogether the last few weeks you are sorely mistaken.  I didn't have much time to sit down at the computer or console and play much but I whipped out the trusty old portable!  And I don't mean my DS or PSP, I've been playing my old friend, the Gameboy Advance SP.  Its been a life saver the last few weeks when I have been away from the house waiting, listening, searching etc. So now for the guilty pleasure part...  For the last few weeks, on my gameboy i've been playing... Pokemon!  I know I know I'm sorry! what am I TWELVE!?!?!?!?  I just love the game lol when you filter out the cartoons, card games and limitless merchandising over the years what it comes down to is actually a very fun solid game.  I'm almost to the end, its the "Leaf Green" version which is just the original game updated for the GBA funny thing is I've never beaten it but im super close, I know its not a Mega Man game and I dont know WHAT possessed me to pop it in and play again but... here I am lol

Well guys its good to be back posting again, I'm REALLY excited to get my next video made and posted.  I'm enjoying working with my new editing software a ton and I can't wait to share the results! In the mean time lets have a little fun, since I've spilled my guts about MY guilty gaming pleasure its the readers turn,  comment on this post and share your guilty gaming pleasure with us whether it be "Hello Kitty Island Adventure" on your little sister's computer or Dancing the night away on a DDR machine at your local arcade with the other sweaty nerds wearing tight black jeans and white tennis shoes.  Let us know how you got into it and what about the game keeps you coming back for more, and why you consider it a "guilty pleasure"


  1. Hahahaha POKEMON!? I will set that fact aside and say that it is good that you are back blogging. And thanks to Spittoon to hooking you up with video editing software so you can keep creating masterpieces :)
    To be honest I can't think of any specific "guilty pleasure" type games that I play. I mean, WoW for a while was sort of that but more so because not everyone knew that I played, and there is SUCH a stereotype with WoW players that it sort of puts it in that category but I know that's not what you are asking for. :)
    I have generally been attracted to well liked and accepted games growing up. I never got into DDR, but I loved Guitar Hero (thanks to your introduction actually, Bra!) and Rockband. I never play stupid facebook games, I just can't handle putting effort into something that literally gives me nothing back. And I know thats sort of the "M.O." of video games, but every gamer knows what I am talking about when I say that. There is a certain level of satisfaction that has to come along with the game, ie, "giving back" for it to be worth it. And facebook games are pretty worthless. lol
    All in all, I think if I HAD to choose a guilty pleasure it would be most games for the NES. I mean most people consider them old and crusty but every couple of years I find myself digging out my NES, dusting off the games, and beating everything from Paperboy to Castlevania.
    I don't judge you too harshly for liking Pokemon, Bra. I mean anything where you fight, "gain levels", gather "characters" and get stronger is ok in my book. Its something to pass the time but I really do hope that soon you will be posting some epic videos again :)

  2. My "guilty pleasure" has to be Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. It is the best one of the series and the last console version before they went 3D. Even though I resisted renting it from our local grocery store chain. Remember when grocery stores had movie and game rental services inside? The one and only reason that I resisted renting was for the fact that I had just received a Playstation Fat for Christmas that year and was all into it's 3D graphics, and every chance I got to rent a game I would take a look at SotN, but inevitably put it back because it wasn't in 3D, this had to have happened at least a dozen times before I broke down and rented it, and loved it so much that I brought my own copy, lost it, a few years later got another hankerin to play it again, was lucky enough to find another brand new copy of it, play through it again every couple of years. And then for this past Christmas my lovely wife got me Castlevania: Lord of Shadows which came with a code to download SotN off of the PSN, which of course I did, now I don't have to worry about swapping out the disc when I want to play it again.
    The End

  3. My real guilty pleasure game has got to be Hellgate London, I know it is not that old and still a fairly heavy resource hog of a game. But, when a company puts out a game that is riddled with more holes than a wheel of swiss cheese, has a pay to play and a free to play component of the same game, allows everyone to play online but does not give you TCP/IP game support for local LAN games, then up a decides to have a minor nuclear internal meltdown, which in turn disbands it's company, all in about the space of a year from release of the game, you know it is doomed. Namco/Bandai did keep the online servers running til the end of the year so I think the game in and of itself had a total runtime of about 15 months. The game apparently is still going strong in Asia but in America it is one of those games that is only whispered about, for fear that it may have just been a dream.

  4. I too have fallen prey to the Japanese life-killer know only as The Pokemon. I can't say I ever 'caught them all' as the commercials instructed me to but I did get a Mewtwo once that I was rather proud of. The thing that broke my habit was the cartoon, specifically the first feature film. You see, I had only played the games when the movie came out and a few cousins of mine asked if I wanted to see the Movie with them. I figured, I like the game, how bad could the movie be...

    After the credits rolled, I never had the urge to play Pokemon again. Heck, that movie was so bad I never even played a Hand-held again.

    Thank you Pokemon the Movie for freeing me before I got completely owned!