Sunday, April 17, 2011

In The Year 20XX...

And so Mega Man 1 comes to a close.  We have a new video and It by far the BEST one yet!  I had a ton fun playing this game game, and I will honestly say this is the first time I've beaten it completely without cheats... There is even an exploit that I refused to use for wily's castle.  This trick is actually something that was recommended to use on an FAQ that i checked out for strats but I refused to comply.  Even though I said that "anything within the game programming is admissible" the cheat I am talking about is a glitch and therefore an exploit.  And as the folks at Blizzard will tell you lol taking advantage of a know exploit is the same as cheating.  The "trick" was to pause the game and go to the menu directly after shooting the mud man in stage one of wily's castle and supposedly it would "reset" him breaking down and flying across the screen and you could simple shoot him again.  Rinse, repeat and ultimately win the fight.  It is said the same can be done with the Wily fight but I chose to beat it under my own power and i'm glad that I did :)

A big factor in MM1 that sets it apart from its later games in the series is the general crustiness of the game.  There are many elements in this game that just didn't seem as polished as what I'm used to later in the series.  For instance every time you move or jump on to a block in MM1 you slide ever so slightly almost as if you are on ice, there are moving platforms that are supposed to come back and forth to get you over a large gap but these can get stuck in a pattern out of your reach causing you to have to die and start over to get by.  Possibly the worst part, if you've ever seen it, is the box art... It was rated, if memory serves correctly, as the worst (or one of the worst) game box art's of any game when EGM came out with a list of the worst.  There were so many Games back then, in the late 80s that could be thrown together and no one would care as long as they had fun... you would except minor or even some major defects in a game you would just except it as THE game.  These days we have games with vast expansive worlds that allow you to play with millions of different people online across the earth which is amazing in itself just to think about yet now we have become so picky about our games that if our new epic sword is slightly mistextured we put in a ticket with a GM saying "Good one Blizz, can't you get ANYTHING right!?".  Well we can reminisce about the good old days with the following... I give you, the Mega Man 1 American box art:

Look at it... Bask in its cheesy glory!!!  

1) Mega Man has an arm cannon, NOT a handgun
2) Mega Man may at SOME point in the series have a weapon who makes his suit blue and yellow but certainly not in Mega Man 1 and it is absolutely not his basic suit
3) Mega Man is not an old Japanese guy...
4) Whats with the Palm trees?
5) I like to blue and red grids in the background... so high tech
6) Wily's castle looks like a tropical fun house

The only thing that can compare to the box front is the back... I will not include a picture since there is nothing to see really but this is the text from the back:

It's MEGA MAN versus the powerful leaders and fighting forces of Monsteropolis! That strange multi-layed land of robot-like Humanoids created by the wrongfully performed experiments with human beings by Dr. Wily

MEGA MAN - the chosen defender of the human race.  For he dares to single-handedly penetrate Monsteropolis' seven separate societies to stop the rapid expansion of strange misrepresentations of humans
MAGA MAN'S goal is monumental.  He must infiltrate seven separate heavily-guarded empires. By himself, he must break-down and destroy the followers of empire leaders: Cutman, Gutsman, Iceman, Bombman, Fireman, Elecman and Dr. Wily

The action involves MEGA MAN armed only with laser beam weapons. Encountering strangely-configured Humanoids.  They're atop, in and out of fortified prison-like structures strengthened with thick walls. Below icefields. Hidden amid gun turrets imbedded in concrete uprights, even in subterranean passages under icefields WOW!

Will you and Mega Man penetrate the seven societies of Dr. Wily and preserve the human race? You're in Control!

I kid you not... and if you notice and misspellings its because it was on the original game box, its so bad you guys...

Well without further adieu I give you my newest video.  I am particularly proud of this one, I have put the most work into it of any video and I have really taken it to a new level.  My only huge disappointment with it is the program I'm using is a trial version, I thought I had worked around the watermark but unfortunately it got the better of me :( the water mark isn't TOO obtrusive when it comes it but it just ruins the feel of the video.  Its a great program and I would love to buy it but don't have an extra 100 bucks lying around :) anyway, heres the vid.


  1. Glad the videos are getting better. Not sure how I feel about Protoman and the clapping. Maybe save those for game ending videos, but everything is falling into place nicely. Was the frame around the video just so you could put Protoman down in the corner? Maybe you could even throw in some non Mega Man characters as cameos in later videos.

    Another game project idea for you. Playing through games that were movies first. Just to compare the cinematic experience to the cheese of "film to game" games.

  2. Ok woah woah.. I LOVED this video! I think this is absolutely a step in the right direction and Protoman is a fantastic addition to the experience :) The applause was one of my favorite parts for sure so I think you should keep that. Just don't over do any of it so it becomes stale, but I think it's all a growing experience. Everything takes time to develop and I think if you take the time to grow Protoman in the videos he could be an extremely valuable asset to have along :)

    I would urge you to keep pushing the new content as well! I think finding a platform that you are comfortable with is #1 right now but once you do, then keeping things fresh will be #2 on the list. I agree that bringing in new characters could add some flare but I would save them for their respective games. So maybe have Protoman for Meganman series then swap to another character based on the game you are going through. OR if you are wanting to make it more an "entity" than an actual character (that way it can maintain a certain personality) you could just give the comments a "name" and the face is paired with whatever game you are playing. So instead of it actually being "protoman" it's a program in the computer that makes comments about your videos and he puts on whatever costume fits what game you are playing. Lol just an idea. but serious I LOVE this video and think that this is the start of something epic. :)

  3. I'm noticing a severe lack of posts going up on this site and it makes me a wee sad cause I wanna see Protoman again!!!