Friday, April 15, 2011

Insert Awesome Title Here :)

Hey Guys! long time no post it feels like huh? Phew its been a week, found it hard to find the energy to pick up the ole game controller let alone make videos and post :) but here I am Friday night coming to you live from downtown. Progress is going great on Project Mega Man and I'm having a blast doing it, I am happy to report that I've beaten Mega Man 1!!! This was a big step for me, being one of the hardest games of the series in my opinion and also since... this was my first time beating the game without cheats :(  *embarrassed face* I KNOW I KNOW! But I was an impatient little kid and I was like "hey can't let this Game Genie go to waste!"  Besides back then we didn't call it cheating... it was "Game Enhancement"... The same way people didn't used to think smoking was bad for you... *ahem* Anyhoo so this was a milestone for me and it got me thinking of which Mega Man's I truly beat sans the game genie in my youth which is another awesome reason for doing this project, to have had the experience of  playing my favorite classics with no outside help.

Well below you will find two videos, the first being Bombman the final robot master I took on.  I went back to big green subtitles on this one which is really not ideal but it gets the job done. I have also uploaded these videos to You Tube instead of loading them directly on to Blogger which jumped the quality quite a bit.  Blogger would always smash the files so far down that the quality would greatly suffer but you tube allows much larger files to be uploaded.  The second video is of Wily's Castle which I feel is my best one yet, and... has no subtitles... thats right, I took the next big step and did a voice over! lol I am actually really happy with the way it turned out and hope everyone likes it.  If you are hearing impaired well... sucks to be you lol sorry but I can only do so much :) For the Wily video I used a new editing program I found online which was free and I was stupid to think there wouldn't be a catch... The editing software was great however after doing ALL the work on my project and publishing it to a file i find out "oh bee tee dubs... uuuuummm you can pay a hundred bucks to register this program or we're sticking a big ugly watermark on the beginning and end of your file" and since I didn't just have an extra Benjamin lying around and didn't want to re do the whole video again... i stuck with the water mark... its not THAT obtrusive and does go away for 95% of the video.  Like I said this is a work in progress and I will fall into a groove with the videos where I have a good thing going consistently... kind of interesting how thats a parallel of the mega man series... whoooooooooooa :)

Please click the video to open in YouTube for a more enjoyable watch!


Wily's Castle #1
I know I say "um" a lot... I'm working on it ok


  1. AWESOME BRA!!! Ok so first off I love the commentary. The voice over was awesome and being able to be talked through some stuff I think makes it a lot more enjoyable to watch. I do enjoy occasional subtitles, they add a certain sense of humor at the right moment so maybe find a way to incorporate both into the videos without making it an overload to the viewer?

    I am proud of you for not cheating and beating the game all the way through. It's funny because I remember actually having conversations with friends about the Game Genie and I have always been a firm believer that it was cheating... lol my other friends said that it was just a bonus to the games but being able to activate infinite lives and god mode, probably wasn't a part of the original game design :) So good for you for taking out the first installment without any cheats or codes!

    I am looking forward to the future videos! I know you are onto MM2, but are you going to be posting videos of your kill of the final boss and such? I freaking hope so!

  2. Absolutely, Regardless of what game I am on I will always finish off posts for each game. This of it like a radio delay lol The videos will definitely grow/morph/change with time. I enjoy making them almost as much as playing the games, video editing was always a favorite hobby of mine.

    You know Bra you may have been the friend that made me see Game Genie for what it really was lol I remember 7th grade being the turning point where I stopped cheating in games and it probably had a lot to do with your influence. The feeling of beating a game under your own head of steam is a more satisfying by far. There is another way that I was tempted to cheat on MM1 but stuck to my guns and avoided it but I will save that for mah next post :)

  3. Stupid crap for crap wouldn't take my comment I just tried posting.

    Summary of my comment:
    1. Sneak attack poos that ask for the right of way just as you're sitting down for an epic all day gameathon, and how dispatching that boss always takes 45 min cuz you have to eat afterwards to regain strength, cutting into your playing time.

    2. Youtube does provide better quality.

    3. Multiple track commentary. Novelty idea

    4. Stay classy San Diego!