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Project Megaman... Lets get a few things straight

As is typically of my personality I do not sit on an idea for long. So when the idea of bringing back the concept of a gaming project where I pick a certain game series and play though all of them an blog about it, Megaman seemed like the perfect series.  I also feel this will be a really good way to kick off my blog, I was going to post a bit about Dragon Age since it was what I have been playing, however its gotten to the point of burn out on it now where I'm basically done and ready to move on to something new.  I got all juiced up about Megaman again from playing a little flash game called Super Mario Crossover.  If you haven't heard of it I suggest you google it after reading this post, it takes the original Super Mario Brothers game but allows you to choose a host of other NES heroes to play through as, such as Link, Samus, and of course Megaman.  I beat the entire thing with Mega Man lol it was a blast and I have to thank my brother Matt for introducing it to me.  So, lets put the introduction to this post to rest and get down to business shall we?

How it began:

My love of the Mega Man series started long ago I was 6 or 7 years old and had not owned a Nintendo to terribly long.  One of my best childhood friends Steve brought his Mega Man 4 cartridge along when he came to my house one day.  I had never heard of Mega Man, played it, touched it, smelled it etc. lol I was a complete Mega Man virgin if you will.  I remember watching him play first and I just could not wait to get my hands on the controller, it was like nothing I had ever played before.  Few and far between in those days were games where you could shoot your enemies and you had an actually "energy bar" that you could replenish by picking up power ups etc.  I know that sounds like an odd concept now since that is extremely common in games but then, it was very cool and new.  Beyond that being able to slide and charge your shot were so rad, and when I found out you could pick up energy tanks to save for later... omg lol I was SO enamored.  Even after ALL that there was still the amazing realization that once you beat a boss... you got his power! Since that day I was hooked, I begged him to let me borrow it and I think he did I can't quite recall but regardless I soon had a copy of my own and I absolutely loved it.  It soon dawned on me "hey, Mega Man... Four... there are at least three more of these out there!!!" lol its simple math baby.  So over time I collected 2 and 3, again totally obsessed and never owned the original Megaman until later and life but as a kid had rented it several times (haha renting games... remember those good old days?).  I feared the worst that no more Mega Man games would be made, but as tradition went when I was a kid my Grandma would come and pick up each of us kids on our respective birthdays and take us out for dinner and take use to get anything we wanted which for both of us was almost always a new video game lol.  So it was my brothers birthday and he comes back home with my Grandma with a toyz r us bag and a shiny new game, Mega Man 5.... I lost it lol i was SO stoked i went through the freakin roof hahaha I remember running and jumping on the bed "theres a Mega Man 5!!!!" lol ahhhh good times.


Ok, so now we come to the terminology section.  This is actually pretty important because I am going to be explaining some things in future blogs and when I use certain terms you need to know what I mean because they are pretty specific.  Remember when my friend Steve brought Megaman 4 over, well that day he had his own terms for different items available in the game and these just stuck with my from day one... so here it goes:

First I will say that I will either type  "Mega Man" or Megaman" I'm really not sure which is correct but being as this is my blog I reserve the right to be inconsistent :) I have even been know to type "Megan Man" but this is simply a typo and not to be confused with some weird female version... lol


This... is NOT a 1 up as the mega man booklet would have you believe.  This is a "Mega Head".  So when I say "I picked up the Mega head in the bright man stage this is what i mean lol


As this may be a fairly universal term for this I have always just simply referred to these as "E's" it make more sense to me that spelling out or saying "Energy Tank" I mean its a blue can with a big E on it... come on

I have heard and read him be called both "Flip Top" and the somehow even less creative "Eddie".  In my opinion both these names are completely bogus and lame... He gives you treats... so he is Treatie... (I may call him Treaty... but again, my blog and I reserve the right to be inconsistent)

If you've ever played Mega Man for any amount of time you've probably needed to do this.  Edging it out is when you need to get the the very extent of where the game will allow you to still be standing on an edge without falling in order to make a difficult jump.  used in a sentence "Dude I keep trying to make this jump but I keep falling in the pit and dying!... Dude you have to edge it out to make that jump"  I have included a picture of me have to edge it out in the Bright Man stage... a level notorious for having to EDGE IT OUT.

The Ground Rules:

Ok, So I wanted to finally discuss the ground rules of the project and what I will be doing in full with this project.

1)  I will be playing through all the Mega Man games in the original series which includes

  • Mega Man 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 on NES
  • Mega Man 7 on SNES
  • Mega Man 8 on Playstation 1
  • Mega Man 9 and 10 on Wiiware/Playstation Network
AND all the original Mega Man X games which include
  • Mega Man X 1, 2, and 3 on SNES
  • Mega Man X 4, 5, and 6 on Playstation 1
  • Mega Man X 7 and 8 on Playstation 2
2) Systems:  Since these games are spread across an array of systems here is how I intend to play them.  The majority will be played on an emulator on my computer, this is mostly for simplicity sake, I could hook up all my old systems and dig out the games but playing on my computer makes it more simple, central location for most of the games, also I will be using the emulator save state function to save my game in between playing sessions mostly because i dont want to mess around with writing down passwords lol.  The games I will not be able to play on emulators are Mega Man 9 and 10 since I have one on my Wii and the other on my PS3 (I'll explain if someone REALLY wants me to lol) and Mega Man 7 and 8 I will play on PS2 since emulating a PS2 is possible but seems more trouble than its worth. 

3) Cheating:  I absolutely will not be using any kind of cheats while playing these games, this includes emulator functionality.  What I mean by this is when I use the save state function on my emulator it will only be so I can set down the controller and live my life and come back to the game later lol.  I will not be doing any of this save state before a boss, die, load state, die, load state, die, load state lol.  also I will not be using the emulator's slow down/speed up functionality so when I'm doing certain timing sensitive challenges I can't just slow down the game and make it easy.  It will be as if I'm playing these games on their original systems I will just have the benefit of more stability and a save function.  I wanted to also say that I plan to use they boss patterns to use one boss' weapon against another who is weak against it, this is absolutely not cheating as it is an intended function of the game.  There are some purists out there that will say "meh meh meh you should have to you the basic mega buster on ever guy or else you aren't really doing it" yeah well thats just dumb lol if it was programmed into the software then its fair game.

4) Equipment:  While playing on my emulator I will be using my Gravis Gamepad lol stupid thing has been kicking around for years :P but hey it works.  I had a USB nintento and super nintendo controller but they both quit on me... quality craftsmanship these days.  So anyway I will be using a controller to play these games, not suffering through on a keyboard lol.

Well that about does it folks, welcome to project Mega Man :) not if you'll excuse me, I am going to go visit the year 20XX :)

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