Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bring the Pain

Remember when games were hard?  Remember when they weren't necessarily meant to be beaten?  well I've had a big reminder of that in my first play session of Mega Man 1.  You know its not like this is my first time playing these games since I was 8 either lol it seems like once a year or so I get a hankering to play Megaman so I load um up on the emulator and play a bit... however when I do i usually skip the annoying stuff and cheat by using save state way more than I should.  You will be glad to know that regardless of how tempted I've been to do it I've been refraining from using Save State, if I use up all my lives then I start the level allllll over.  I'm being reminded of some interesting differences in Mega Man 1 as opposed to the rest of the series.  First of all the power ups look totally different, health pellets and weapon energy pellets look completely different compared to the later series standard which actually starts in Mega Man 2.  Also Mega Man 1 had a points system which is so weird to me... like enemies will drop little point pellets that give you like a few hundred points when you pick them up, and killing the robot masters will give you a certain amount of "clear points".  What do these points do you ask? nothing... aaaaaaabolutely nothing lol.  If you think back to most of the early Nintendo games, stuff that came out between like '85 and '88 a LOT of them still incorporated points into the game, Mario 1 for example has a points system, you get like 200 pts for stomping on a goomba.    I actually looked into what the purpose of this was at one time and it turns out its kind of an overlap if you will from the arcade days.  See it used to be that if you wanted the newest and best games you didn't camp outside Gamestop for 3 days waiting to pick up your copy, you would go and play them at your local arcade.  As is true today as it was back then hardcore gamers like to be recognized in the gaming community for the hours of hard work they put in,  what these days is an epiced out Death Knight strutting around Orgrimar with his new legendary Axe  used to be a set of initials on the leader board of an arcade box.  So when NES came out home consoles exploded even more than they had with Atari and before long people were spending their hard earned money on new cartridges instead of quarters for the arcade machine.  So at some point there was this meshing of arcade and console where a lot of console games would still also come out on an arcade box and in order to track who "the best" was they would attribute points to actions in the game.  I have a vision of a bunch of Japanese guys sitting around a board room table and one says "hey homes, why are we still putting points in games? seems kinda gay" and another says "no kidding G, lets trash that shizzle" or something like that only more... you know Asian and less gangsta...  So according to my research thats why...  Anyhoo I've downed Gutsman, Cutman, and Elecman so I'm working on Iceman's level now :)  Check out the vid below of the highlights from my Gutsman kill attempt :) Enjoy! 

(I suggest watching in Full screen BTW) 

My Gutsman kill attempt, sorry the video is pretty foul quality, I'm still playing with it to get it just right, If I record at maximum quality I get major lag which isn't fun at all so It may be a few video updates in before I get in the groove of the right ratio of video quality to play interruption from lag, I've added captions to the video and sped up the boring parts and slowed down the dramatic parts lol anyway check it out

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