Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pop Up Video

This is a special video edition blog post where I do very little writing and let the videos speak for me... I put enough hours into these they better be good for something :) lol

I hadn't planned on doing videos for every boss but my Gutsman video was so well received by the readers one even asked me to do vids for every boss :) It also allowed me to practice my editing skills and get the right file size/quality ratio down and I think I nailed it... As you get down to the Fireman video you'll notice a big improvement in quality and captions etc.






  1. Ok here we go, glad you got rid if the fast forward, fades are definitely a way that you can keep your file size down with much less raw footage. Another thing not a fan of the caption bar it is obtrusive and the type is a little bit wee. Other than that you try more fades, basically start with you entering level, do first screen fade to boss corridor before you enter boss room, give a synopsis of what happened (died x amount of times, grabbed a snack tell us what it was, grabbed some cherry cool-aid, dropped a deuce, basically anything that went on during the real time play through of that level, then just show us the boss fight, you should be able to then give us what went on and not lose any video quality. Oh and show us any powerups that you got also.

  2. Hahaha great feedback Spittoon, love it. Ok I'll ditch the caption bar, If you watch the video in good quality on full screen its great but once its compressed and uploaded to the interwebs its a different story. And I agree about the fast forward, it was more brain melting than it was worth. If there is nothing much to see in the level then I will just fade right to the boss. I will hit on certain places of note or if I had an epic moment or near miss I'll put it in but I wont put in clips just to put them in. My goal is to get the average video down to right about 1 minute give our take. That will allow me to have a higher quality with still a low file size and also it will be a good quick watch for readers, I don't think everyone wants to see the excruciating minutia of every little thing I do. I will showcase special abilities more, like the boss weapons I absorb I will do little demonstrations and I will include more things of note, like if I had to stop to drop a doniger :)

  3. I'd love to see these videos done split screen or picture in picture. That way you could do a voice over instead of or as well as text. Might make it feel more personal.

  4. I have been thinking about doing a voice over commentary instead of the titles. No matter what I do I really don't like the way the written titles come out, there are some many different colors going on-screen at the same time the only one I could find that shows up all the time is bright green which I feel is hoaky... As I do more videos they will get more refined, my goals are to improve the way I communicate to the viewers during the video as well as upping the quality.