Thursday, April 7, 2011

Settling In

*Sniffs Air* Awwwwww I just love that new blog smell, don't you?  That reminds of a great /yell comment in WoW that I never had the chance to make.  It was in my first year and Hyjal, my main server was down a LOT... lol so they were opening new servers like mad...  Needless to say the wife and I started alts on another server so we could still get our video crack :) we made toon's on a server that just opened that night and when I logged in everyone was /yell-ing a bunch of, well, crap.... but it wasn't until the next day I realized I should have said "awww I love that new server smell" I would have gotten at least like ROFLs... oh well I had been able to name my Tauren Warrior "Cartman" lol with no weird spelling since I was so quick onto the server and I did see one guy yell "ah man! I should have been Cartman!" so that made me feel cool.

ok so there it was! 2 posts in and you've already seen me ramble! hahaha but its GREAT! this is what blogging is all about baby!  If you will look around the blog a bit you will notice some new features,  up top we have a new and improved site banner! made of course by my lovely wife Butters as well as a new custom background showcasing some of my favorite video game weapons, I love that the koopa shell made the cut lol.  If you guys have any good suggestions of noteworthy video game weapons that could be added to the collage please post and let me know!!!

On your right we have a little grooveshark widget that I am calling the "8-Bit Boombox"  While you read posts, comment and peruse the blog please enjoy listening to some classic video game favorites :)  If you scroll to the bottom of the screen you will see a flash Tetris game embedded in the blog!!! How many game blogs do you know that have an actual video game built in!? This is like a Gamers Lounge... dang i should have named the blog that... naw that sounds like an online casino lol.  At the bottom right is the newly added gallery where I can add screen shots, reader submitted pics etc.  Thank you to Spittoon for sending me some rad cartoons he found online of game characters solving real world problems lol, give them a look!

I titled this post settling in because thats kind of how it feels right now lol I feel like I just moved in to a new office building and I made my mission statement and now I'm just getting to know everyone.  My goal, ultimately with this blog is just to post about my daily gaming life.  My thoughts on what I'm currently playing, talking about new games on the horizon and also one of my favorite features, gaming projects :) I did this once with Final Fantasy where I had an entire blog dedicated to playing through Final Fantasy 1 - 10.  It had its own set of pit falls and once the games were over so was the blog lol.  So what I would like to do is set up a project and then focus on that as my daily blog until its finished.  One thing that has been on my mind lately is playing through all the Mega Man's again, and also playing the more recently released Mega Man 9 and 10 on Playstation Network which I have both just still have never sat down and played through.

Well folks that about wraps up this post, tomorrows post I will dive right in to whats currently on my gaming gambit which is Dragon Age :) Amazing game but TBH I'm close to being done with it lol so maybe that will be a good time to move on to Mega Man!


  1. Ok I will post more in the morning since its 2:30am, but I must say that I LOVE the blog! The gallery is awesome, all the graphics are sweet, the music is perfect (I listened to Chrono Trigger Theme while I read todays post lol) and it just feels like a fun place to go and read about video game adventures! :) Fantastic work and expect to find a link to this blog soon on the comic. I will let you build a little bit of an archive, because once you have more materiel it will be easier to grab and hold onto followers :) AWESOME BRA!!!

  2. I too listened to the Chrono Trigger theme as I read through this episode, issue, article, post whatever you want to call these dialogs as part of your blog. Why is it that SNES RPGs are way easier to go back and just pickup and start playing whenever like Chrono Trigger, FFII & III (US), and disc based RPGs a lot of thought and planning go into starting up those again, for me at least that is what it feels like.

  3. I understand that gaming needs to evolve but could we at least get a classic Square collection ported to the PS3 via Blu Ray so that we could play through all of the classics in one place. I really enjoy those classic RPGs of get the best gear in town A travel to town B found out gear is outdated grind for money get best gear in town B travel to town C, repeat. The simplicity of those games is one factor that makes them fun, console RPGs nowadays are still fun but way complex when you have to figure out if you want to add +fire dmg to a weapon but reduce it's speed thus making you hit less often in a fight. thats all

  4. So I had an awesome post all written for you guy but then I click to post and it wanted me to log in so I tried and it was like "we are unable to process your request" and I was like "what is this a flippin ATM?" and then poof comment was gone... L2copyandpaste.., oh well, I'll re write it later when I have time lol

  5. Ok so I'll make my comment that i meant to make before writing a new post. First of all I agree bra, I want to get into the Mega Man project a ways before really going after new readers, I dont want people to come check out the blog and have them be like "what did this guy throw this together last night?" lol

    And Spittoon I agree, Bra and I have had similar conversations about how there just haven't been any solid old school RPGs in a while, in fact they are kind of dead, I hate to say it but its true. And The old SNES RPGs it seems you were able to focus more on strategy, like "this boss is weak against lightning but immune to ice and if you attack when it goes in its shell it will do a massive counter attack"so you have to plan your attacks accordingly and sometimes figure it out through trial and error. Where as RPGS evolved some became to much like turn based action games, like remember Legend of Dragoon? where your best attacks were ones where you hit square when the boxes were perfectly lined up and executed combos, which is cool and all but it seems like it made battles less strategic and more about how good your eye/hand coordination was lol